“Om”-Line Swadyaya - On line courses

An in depth study of the most important clasical scriptures on Yoga and Vedanta. On line an recorded courses are available. See more information

Advanced Sadhana Retreat

This is a deep inmersion in the advanced practices of Hatha and Raja Yoga based on the teachings of the "Hatha Yoga Pradipika". The main emphasis is advanced pranayama, mantras and meditation techniques. Ideal for yoga teachers (TTC)that want to deepen in their personal practice. There would be group practices as well as individual practices with personal guidance.

Silence and Vedanta Retreat

This is a great opportunity to learn and go deeper in different meditation techniques. You will practice in an environment of silence, going inward and in touch with Mother Nature. This a wonderful way to recharge yourself and calm your mind down.

Course: "Deepening your asana practice"

If you really want to learn more about the Asana practice, understand how to achieve more advanced postures and explore the relationship between asana and meditation, this course is perfect for you. Asana and pranayama practice, daily meditation, vegetarian food and the study of the efect of the asanas will allow you to have a direct experience of the benefits of the practice of tradicional and clasical yoga.

Individual Sadhana Retreat

This is a unique experience for those who have already taken an advance sadhana retreat with us, and want to have an even deeper experience of practice by being in seclusion for an extended period of time. More information.

Karma Yoga week
This is a Karma Yoga week, with the focus on the practice of selfless service, helping the retreat to get ready for the next activity.

Meditation, Vedanta and silence retreat
This is a chance to gradually increase the daily time and depth of your meditation practice, in an atmosphere of silence and introspection, combined with the study of classical vedantic meditation scriptures.
There will be time for both, group and individual practice.

Yoga Vacations
This is a program for those who want to combine the practice of yoga in daily life, with enough free time to rest, read, walks or some sight seeing of Uruguay and its beautiful beaches and coast area.
El Silencio is 40 kilometers from the ocean, where Punta del Este and other beautiful beach resorts are. We can organize some specific tours for you during your stay, according to your interest, or you may just want to stay at the retreat and rest.

Yoga retreat (all levels)
This is an immersion in Yoga, integrating the practices of Asanas (postures), Pranayama (breathing exercises), deep relaxation techniques, proper diet and meditation and philosophy of positive thinking and Vedanta.
All levels are welcome; the teacher will guide you to progress according to your capacity.

Vedic Astrology course
Learn the foundations of the yogic system of astrology, a tool to understand the individual karma, recognize our mental patterns and find ways to counteract our difficulties and potentiate our strengths.

Sanskrit course
Learn the basics of Sanskrit, the language of the Vedas and other ancient yogic scriptures. Sanskrit comes from the sounds of the chakras in the astral body.
Learn the Sanskrit alphabet and how to read and write it as well as how to pronounce the mantras correctly.

Indian music and singing course
Learn the Indian musical scales known as “Ragas” and the rhythms known as “Talas”. There will be classes on playing the classical Indian instruments as Sitar and Tabla and also singing classes. Open to all levels.

Ayurveda healing course
Study the ancient system of medicine of the yogis known as Ayurveda: the “science of life”.
Learn how to recognize the characteristic imbalances in your individual constitution and how to bring them back to balance by simple and natural ways that easily can be added to your daily routines.

Yoga and Vedanta meditation retreat
Do not miss this unique opportunity to study, practice and deepen your knowledge of these two ancient philosophical schools, with two senior and experienced teachers.