Since its original conception and vision, El Silencio has been planed and developed with the goal in mind to provide a refuge from the worldly noise, a place free from pollution and in close contact with nature, especially directed to spiritual seekers or people who want to deepen in their practices of yoga, meditation, introspection, self study or for those who need a place for self-healing, getting momentarily away from the stress elements of their daily life and find an atmosphere that promotes deep relaxation and recharging of “prana” or vital energy.

Since the ancient times, the yogis have searched for suitable places for their practices. Places in nature, generally in the forests or mountains, where the external distractions are minimized, where it is easier for the mind to be in peace and dive into deeper experiences of meditation.

For that, we offer courses and small groups guided retreats for all levels of aspirants or practitioners and also a space and guidance for those who want to go into a deeper level of their personal practice or individual retreat.

Even though the practice of yoga or other spiritual disciplines, done in the city and active life or service is very useful and important part of spiritual life, there are moments during the year or periods of life when the practitioner feels a need to detach from the external distractions and deepen into the inner silence, towards achieving the deeper meditative experiences.
A need comes to “unplug” the mind and senses from the external world in order to fix it fully in the inner divine Self.
Because it is not easy to find such a place where you can just do your practice and not having to worry about anything else, we have envision this place and make it available for the benefit of such seekers.

And, when one person experiences that inner peace in him/herself, that person becomes a lighthouse of peace for all humans, he will influence thousands in his life, doing in this way the highest service to humanity and the whole earth.

For long, long time, human beings and the so called “civilization” has been focused mainly on developing in the material, technological, social, military and cultural levels, trying to develop control over the nature with that purpose. That has lead to the current situation where nature is dangerously being destroyed.

The large cities can be compared to a cancer for the earth, with a lifestyle totally artificial, isolated from the elements of nature, where violence, crime and sense of competition and fear dominate. We don’t even know what to do with our garbage and waste products any longer. We are breathing, eating and drinking our own waste.
In most countries the jails are crowded beyond their capacities.

All that is showing is obviously something about this “civilization” that is not right.
Because all of these reasons and more, it is time to go back to a simpler life reconnect with nature and preserve the remaining before it is all spoiled. It is time to stop searching for happiness in the material consumption, where it is not. It is time to find it in the inner silence.